Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's hard not to cry...

...when your team chokes so badly. But congrats to St. Louis, they deserve it. The Tigers will be back to the World Series, though. Only good things ahead for our boys wearing the old English D.

But I gotta say, Sean Casey is my hero. He never gave up. I almost think they should've given him the MVP -- the guy just never quits. He kept the Tigers in it and single-handedly put us in a position to win these last two games. I love The Mayor!

post edited: to clarify why I'm crying; sorry for the confusion


Anonymous said...

A Cardinals fan, eh? While y'all did win fair and square, you were playing against our 'B' rotation in the NLCS, you know... :-)

The Derelict said...

Oh no, Andy, you're mistaken. We're from Motown! Big Tigers fans here. :)
I just thought I'd give props to the Cards who played a great series and capitalized on all (and I mean ALL) of our mistakes. Sorry if the post was unclear (I've posted other stuff identifying us as Detroiters). These are not tears of joy, I'm afraid.

(and p.s. -- I wish you guys would've won against St. Louis, we could've totally taken you ;) )

The Derelict said...

I've since edited the post to make things clearer.