Monday, November 27, 2006

I am a horrible person

I haven't written about Robert Altman's death and I feel like my cinephile membership card should be taken away or something. But the reason I haven't written anything is because I've never actually seen any of his films. I guess that, in itself, should be enough to get me kicked out of the club, but the truth is that I've never really been interested in anything he's directed. I know I should watch his masterpieces because it's hard to be a part of the larger film conversation when you haven't seen the "big ones" but none of the stories he's chosen to tell sound all that interesting to me. I'm very sorry to hear of his death, of course, because even though I was never a fan, I can certainly recognize his place in film history. That alone is enough to make one sad, that one of the great figures in American cinema is gone. But I haven't written any sort of reflection or commentary because I have nothing to go on, having not seen any of his movies. Hopefully one day I can get past my hesitation and watch an Altman film or two and find out what I've been missing all these years.


Victor said...

Yes, you are a terrible horrible person. You should commit seppuku in atonement for your uncinephilic awfulness.

Or maybe just watch THE PLAYER or NASHVILLE?

Still, I should note that as recently as four years ago (I'd have been 36 at the time), I had never seen a Douglas Sirk movie.

The Derelict said...

I've put Nashville at the top of my netflix queue. Actually, after reading all of the Altman tributes, I'm pretty excited. We'll see...