Saturday, January 27, 2007

Favorite Television Episode of the Week (1/21-1/27): Derelict's Pick

24 was its usual frantic, anything-goes self; Medium was a nice mix of pathos and black comedy; Heroes felt like a recap episode, but it was nice to have the show back (is it wrong that I love Bad Glasses Man so much?); and Rome continues to dazzle with its visual excellence (though I can't help feeling that without Caesar, the show's various characters and plots no longer have the same cohesion and interconnectedness that they had in the first season -- hopefully, Octavian will become that character around which all the other characters and storylines meet).

But without The Office to compete with, Battlestar Galactica ("Rapture" airdate: 1/21/07) has emerged the winner this week. The mid-season season premiere was frantic and overstuffed, but it was filled with so many great, memorable moments: Helo holding Sharon's lifeless body, her blood splattered on the wall behind them, her memories and thoughts at that very moment being transferred to the cylon resurrection ship; Caprica Six finally growing a conscience and stopping Boomer from snapping Hera's neck, in a scene that echoed the scene from the miniseries in which Six herself snapped a baby's neck in its stroller; the boxing of the Number Threes (farewell Lucy Lawless, I'll miss your awesomeness); Adama being his usual badass self, calling the cylons' bluff by bringing in the nukes; the supernova and the continuation of this show's amazing special effects. Everything about BSG that I love was here -- mystical weirdness, action, romance, angst, Gaius Baltar -- everything. It's kinda hard to believe that I'd never even watched an episode of this show a month ago and now I'm hooked.

Prediction(totally unspoiled): the member of the final five D'Anna saw in the temple was Tom Zarek

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