Monday, February 12, 2007

Favorite Television Episode of the Week (2/4 - 2/10): Derelict's Pick


Not my favorite week of television, I'll be honest. Nothing really grabbed me this week. The Office left me in a state of turmoil, and I was deeply unhappy after watching it. Also, for once, I found the humor a little forced. So that also depressed me.

24, Rome, My Name is Earl, Heroes, Lost -- all decent (though no magic turtle, unfortunately).

But, well, nothing really clicked -- until I watched Medium on the Tivo on Saturday. Medium was good TV. It wasn't mind-blowing or anything, just a good, solid hour of television that did everything right. And it had Captain Push, who I love 'cause he kicks ass and makes me smile. So "Apocalypse, Push" wins.


LeaJo said...

A magic turtle would have made that episode so much better ;)

And I agree about The Office. This was the first time that Michael was just too horrible. Too over the top. And it left me with a really bad feeling after watching.

And yeah, Karen/Jim/Pam/Roy is breaking my heart into little tiny pieces.

The Derelict said...

Wow, so it wasn't just me with The Office, huh? That depresses me even more, 'cause I thought maybe I was just in a bad mood on account of the JAM stuff, and in reality the episode was better than I gave it credit for, but if you didn't like it either, that's a bad sign. This is the first ep of the show I have no desire to watch again.