Monday, April 16, 2007

End of Part One... Intermission... End of Intermission -- Part Two

Where have we been??? Well, two weeks ago my modem died, and then I decided to get a new laptop, and so I waited for the new modem and the new laptop and I didn't blog. And now I have my new modem, and my new laptop, and in the meantime I bought a dvd recorder and I'm in the process of putting every movie I Tivo on Turner Classic Movies onto a dvd. So I've been a little preoccupied connecting wires and hooking up wireless routers and figuring out how my new computer works, etc. etc. So, that's why there's been a little intermission here at STDAMO.

But, hopefully, the intermission is over and we can get back to movies. Amidst all the technological tumult I did have time to catch Reign Over Me (Mike Binder, 2007), and while I didn't love it (felt too long, a little directionless in the second act) I have been thinking about it a lot since seeing it, and a few of the images and sequences have really stuck with me (I'm thinking the whole Mel Brooks marathon, the Fred Astaire/Rita Hayworth scene, the great shots of New York, the soundtrack). The more I reflect on it the more I like it. Anyway, interesting film, and I loved seeing Melinda Dillon, though it made me sad to think about director Bob Clark.

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